"Without question, Kristin Guiney is the best, most qualified choice for Judge of the 179th Criminal District Court.  Kristin Guiney has received the endorsement of the Houston Police Officers' Union PAC because of her outstanding experience, her impeccable judicial temperament, her stand-up character and her commitment to enforce the law and provide a fair trial for all parties. Kristin Guiney is the choice of law enforcement ,and we ask you to stand with law enforcement in supporting Kristin Guiney for Judge."
-Ray Hunt, President, Houston Police Officers’ Union

"It is with great enthusiasm that I endorse Kristin Guiney for the 179th Criminal Court of Law. Kristin is the only candidate in this race with judicial temperament. Kristin is the only candidate that is Board Certified in Criminal Law. Kristin is the only candidate that has devoted her entire career to criminal justice. Harris County needs Kristin Guiney. She will serve with wisdom and integrity."

-Terri Leo, State Board of Education, District 6

"Kristin Guiney is the clear choice to elect as Judge of the 179th Criminal District Court. Kristin is a true conservative, an experienced attorney with the temperament to judiciously evaluate for both sides of the courtroom and someone you can trust.  I endorse Kristin and encourage you to endorse her, too."

-Josh Flynn, SREC Committeeman SD 15 & HCRP Treasurer

"Kristin's deep experience makes her an excellent candidate for Judge of the 179th District Court.  I have no hesitation endorsing her for this bench given her significant and relevant legal credentials."

-Bonnie Lugo, SREC Committeewoman SD 13

"I am endorsing Kristin Guiney because I know she knows what it means to be a conservative.  Kristin is a Republican who practices what she preaches.  Her values are sincere and her straight-forward demeanor lets you know exactly where she stands.  With Kristin as Judge, we can be confident we have a real conservative on the bench of the 179th District Court."

-Valoree Swanson, SREC Committeewoman SD 7

In these critical times for Harris County's judicial system we don't need students of the law, we need Kristin who is an experienced, court room practitioner of the law. She has been held accountable for her work. I support Kristin because she has real court room experience, was a criminal prosecutor and has had her own attorney practice which means she has run her own business. She is a real attorney; she will be a real Judge.  

Pct Chair Diane Rowland 

Dr. Steven Hotze and Conservative Republicans of Harris County PAC

Houston Police Officers' Union PAC

Winner Downtown Houston Pachyderm Straw Poll

Hon. Terri Leo, State Board of Education, District 6

Kathy Haigler, Former Republican Party of Texas Secretary and State Republican Executive
Committee Member, SD 11*

Hon. Bob Stevenson, SBISD Trustee, Former Treasurer of Greater Houston Pachyderm

Valoree Swanson, SREC Committeewoman, SD 7; Precinct Chair 552

Sheryl Berg, SREC Committeewoman, SD 11

Rex Lamb, SREC Committeeman, SD 13

Bonnie Lugo, SREC Committeewoman, SD 13; Precinct Chair 223

Josh Flynn, SREC Committeeman, SD 15; Precinct Chair 330; HCRP Treasurer

Marvin Clede, Chairman, SD 17

Sharon Slover, Past-President, Texas Tea Party Republican Women

Bill Drout, Former President, Cherry Tree Republicans

Patricia Henderson, Former President, Ronald Reagan Republican Women


Katy Christian Magazine




Grassroots Leaders

 Betty Avery, Precinct Chair 398

Jeff Burkett, Precinct Chair 268

Larry Bush, Former SD 7 Chairman

Vergel Cruz, Precinct Chair 578

Drake Cameron Precinct Chair 805

Ramsay Elder, Precinct Chair 15

David Flower, Precinct Chair 726

Edith Gibson, Precinct Chair 548

Pat Hanson, Area Director, Concerned Women of America, Texas South

Patricia Henderson, Past President Ronald Reagan Republican Women

Christine Howard, Precinct Chair 510

George Huntoon, Former Precinct Chair 620

Norma Jeter

Elvie Kingston, Precinct Chair 648

Mark Klecka, Precinct Chair 828

Michael Kubosh, HCRP Finance Chairman

Randy Kubosh, Precinct Chair 2

Tony Leatherman, Former Precinct Chair 711

Ann Lee, Precinct Chair 315

Peggy Lindow, Precinct Chair 1

Stuart Mayper, Precinct Chair 492

Joseph McReynolds, Precinct Chair 739

Mike Monks, Precinct Chair 175


Pat Monks, Precinct Chair 718

Jim McSpadden, Precinct Chair 727

Dorthy Olmos, East End's Hispanic Republican Community Activist

Susan Patrick, Precinct Chair 772

Elizabeth Perez, Precinct Chair 329

Patricia Phillips, Precinct Chair 189

Liz Phillips, Precinct Chair 667

Michael Pollack, Precinct Chair 629

Penny Remick, Precinct Chair 177

Walter Robin, Precinct Chair 570

Jason Roper, Precinct Chair 617

Russell Rush, Precinct Chair 155

Nancy Scott, Precinct Chair 461

Bob Shults, Precinct Chair 258

Bruce Slover, Precinct Chair 803

Jim Spencer, Precinct Chair 376

Eric Story

Charly Varughese, Precinct Chair 314

Eric Waligura, Precinct Chair 439

Karen Weiss, Precinct Chair 190

Dianne Williams, Precinct Chair 600

Eric Wolz, Precinct Chair 255

Larry Youngblood, Precinct Chair 823

Marie Youngblood


Law Enforcement Supporters

Corey Alexander

David Angstadt

David Bair

Matthew Barnett

Edward Barnott

Eric Baron

Thomas Bissell

Don Bock

Colton Bock

Curtis Bryce

Bryan Buccini

Maurice Bucklin

Chris   Carrol

Michael Carrol

Edward Cavzos

Bobby Caylor

Alex Chapa

Bob Clark

David Crane

Chris Crouch

Officer Crzae

Pete Cupial

Craig Darlow

Doug Day

Jason Denham

John P. Dillon

James Drury

Joey Edwards

J.B. Ellis

Billson Espinoza

Mike Flynt

Corey Friedrich

Jason Gamble

Daniel Garcia

Chris Garza

Darren Goforth

Bryan Goldstein

Viv Guerrero

Chris Gwodz

Ron Hamlet

Gary Heath

Larry Heinrich

Bryan Henderson

Joe Henning

David Hoang

Dale Hubert

Ben Katrib

Daniel Kerrigan

Tommy Kiser

Edward Kwan

Brian Leach

Chris Mann

Art Marines

Daniel Meek

John Mook

Chris Moore

Carl Mueller

Chris Mullins

Clint Myers

Joy Nelson

Joe Noguerra

Bryan Oneal

David Papa

Jeff Pietsch

Corey Pool

Art Ramirez

Travis Rawls

Ben Russell

James Savell

Andy Sepulveda

Dan Shattuck

Ralph Stanley

Brad Sternberger

Andy Sustaida

Andy Sustaida Jr.

Cecil Sweeney

David Thomas

James Thomas

Jeff Thomas

Michael Thomas

Billty Tipps

Donnie Tipps

Bob Tonry

Rodney Tooley

Randy Tunches

Jesse Valdez

Juan Viramontes

James Walker

Cliff West

Kirk Willis




Community Supporters

Ralph Akin

Lisa Alpe

Carleen Andrews

Jimmy Ardoin

Julie Bailey

Wendy Baker

Brian Benken

Jennifer Bennett

Eileen Bogar

Aimee Bollentino

Charles Brodsky

John Brooks

Adam Brown

Zinn Brown

Alexis Bruegger

Heyward Carter

Laura Cernok

Ryan Chandler

Eric Davis

Neal Davis

Mark Donnelly

Paul Doyle

Thomas Dupont, II

Sylvia Escobedo

Marcus Fleming

Scott Forbes

Casey Garrett

Jennifer Gaut

Emilio Gonzales

Ricardo Gonzales

Casie Gotro

William Graham

Catherine Graves

Edward Guiney

Austen Hobbs

David Jennings

Adam Killinger

Todd Leffler

Jason Luong

Trisha McCaulley

Carol McClees

Rushton McClees

Charles Jr. McClees

Ariel McClellan

Bryan  McClellan

Doug Murphy

Louis  Newman, IV

Denise Nichols

Hans Nielsen

Joel Parkman

Scott Pope

Gerard Pusch

Paria Rafiee

Mark Ramsay

Joshua Reiss

Carmen Roe

David Ryan

Natalie Schultz

Leah Shapiro

Elizabeth Shipley

Courtney St. Julian

Jonathan Stephenson

John Still

William Stradley

Deborah Summers

Sean Teare

Valerie Turner

J. Julio Vela

Christian Wendeburg

James Wilbourn

Kaylynn Williford

*Titles used for identification purposes only